Cryptocurrency trading bots based on AI, machine learning models

For whom is OB Trader?

  1. The complexity of crypto investing
  2. Low returns of existing trading platforms or while holding cryptocurrencies
  1. Want to invest in cryptocurrencies
  2. Tired of holding
  3. Tired of managing their coins and trades manually
  4. Don’t have a lot of time to test/experiment with different strategies and tools
  5. Looking for a simple yet effective solution to do the coin management for them

How does OB Trader help?

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Analysis of Sahil Lavingia’s “No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees” approach undertaken at Gumroad

More details about the tokenization of One Button Trader

Token Uses

One Button Trading launches its own $OB token. Here is what it means for the product.

1 — Simple and transparent fees

Trade history of a Performer trading bot that saved the portfolio of a lucky investor

Trading Bot Case Study: Performer VS DOT:BUSD

  • +2.20% (Performer)
  • -40.28% (DOT:BUSD)
  • +42.48% (difference)

Unique color-coding system that will help you to extract the maximum out of every book

4 things you need to know about starting a business on Upwork as a freelancer or an agency owner

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Detailed overview of the newest AI crypto trading bot on OB Trader

What makes Performer v7 unique?

Short summary of how we train our AI strategies at OB Trader

What’s the AI in your bots?

Max Yampolsky

⚡Entrepreneur and digital product expert. Writing about business, technology, and products. Co-founder @ OB Trading.

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