Cryptocurrency trading bots based on AI, machine learning models

AI is the future of trading.

OB (One Button) Trader is a place where you can create AI-driven trading bots to trade 24/7 for you.

For whom is OB Trader?

OB Trader aims to solve 2 problems:

  1. The complexity of crypto investing
  2. Low returns of existing trading platforms or while holding cryptocurrencies

OB Trader was…

Is Notion a viable platform for a blog or a personal website?

In early 2021 I started thinking about a personal blog website to grow my digital presence.

Considering all the latest tech industry changes, I was hesitant to immediately stick to conventional options like WordPress and Webflow. …

Analysis of Sahil Lavingia’s “No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees” approach undertaken at Gumroad

I recently came across an article by Sahil Lavingia called No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees.

Shortly described, Sahil Lavingia (CEO of Gumroad) managed to create a successful digital product with millions of users without full-time employees in a fully distributed environment.

I was fascinated by the approach and…

More details about the tokenization of One Button Trader

As we are moving closer to the upcoming launch of the $OB token, we are excited to share more details into how the introduction of the native token will impact the product ecosystem of One Button Trader.

Below are some of the snippets from the OB tokenomics paper.

Token Uses

OB token…

One Button Trading launches its own $OB token. Here is what it means for the product.

Dear OB Members,

I’m excited to share that we at OB Trading are developing our own token! We came to this decision after reassessing our product value strategy and concluding that our users will benefit massively from tokenization.

One Button Trader helps investors to grow their crypto portfolio simply and…

Trade history of a Performer trading bot that saved the portfolio of a lucky investor

Performer trading bot is based on a revolutionary AI trading methodology is one of the latest trading AI/ML models released on One Button Trader.

In this case study, we will review the trading performance of one of the Performer bots created by one of the investors on One Button Trader.

Trading Bot Case Study: Performer VS DOT:BUSD

Unique color-coding system that will help you to extract the maximum out of every book

Over the last few years, books have been the main source of practical knowledge and a cornerstone of my personal growth.

Most of its practical value I attribute to the system behind reading.

I read around 40 books every year. And for each of them, I make notes and summarize…

4 things you need to know about starting a business on Upwork as a freelancer or an agency owner

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces, and it’s growing rapidly to become the choice #1 for getting professional services online.

During 2020–2021 when most companies switched to hiring and working remotely, Upwork’s popularity amongst both freelancers and clients significantly increased, with its monthly traffic reaching 40M visitors.

Detailed overview of the newest AI crypto trading bot on OB Trader

At OB (One Button) Trader, we build trading bots powered by AI machine learning models.

Before the recent market crash, we released a new bot type — Performer v7 — powered by the latest AI model.

Although it couldn’t show exceptional gains during the -50% May-July 2021 market decline, Performer…

Short summary of how we train our AI strategies at OB Trader

At OB (One Button) Trader, you can create AI-driven trading bots to trade 24/7 on your cryptocurrency exchange.

We constantly develop and test new AI strategies to create new generations of trading bots.

What’s the AI in your bots?

There is a lot of confusion behind the terminology of AI in the trading and crypto space…

Max Yampolsky

⚡Entrepreneur and digital product expert. Writing about business, technology, and products. Co-founder @ OB Trading.

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